Constructing environment-friendly systems

In this era of massive energy consumption, depletion of underground resources such as fossil fuel is also coming to the fore alongside global environmental destruction. Under such circumstances, Kinden focuses on renewable energy, including solar and wind power and proactively engages in developing a green energy system.


Wind turbine generation systems

Total Support from Design and Material Procurement to Construction

Wind turbine generation is attracting more and more attention as an alternative energy source to fossil fuels. Kinden provides integrated support from design to construction to establish a “wind turbine generation systems”, capitalizing on abundant insights and skills gleaned from long years of experience in the electric systems field.

Wind turbine generation system maintenance

Regular maintenance - the key to reliable operation

After construction, regular maintenance is necessary to ensure the steady, reliable operation demanded of wind turbine generation systems. Kinden provides ongoing follow-up services for customers based on our systematic operation and maintenance services.

Photovoltaic power generation optimization systems

Advanced technology designed to boost efficient solar power utilization and generation efficiency

The ideal location to install solar batteries is one free from shadows all year round. However, such ideal installation locations are limited. Kinden provides the most efficient design of generating energy(kwh) by utilizing "SOLAR NAVI" under any circumstance.