Developing a system using information technology

To ensure buildings and factories remain functional, safe and comfortable, Kinden develops wide-ranging systems using information technology and with project sizes and applications in mind, including building automation systems supervising and controlling electricity, air-conditioning and sanitary installations as well as a system designed to make factories and plants more productive.



Oversee and operate facilities with a control system

Monitoring and control systems are essential to maintaining the functional capabilities, security measures and comfort of office buildings and production plants — especially with system needs becoming more complicated with each new breakthrough.

Based on our advanced instrumentation technology, special brand of know-how and long years of experience, Kinden custom-tailors system design, development and construction to a broad spectrum of system sizes and applications — including communications systems for early detection of malfunctions and other irregularities, and plant systems designed to boost productivity.


Advanced production equipment systems support

Kinden has been an instrumentation construction specialist since the 1950s. Based on the foundation of explosion-proof instrumentation construction expertise developed in the field of petrochemicals, today we offer total production system support with comprehensive engineering capabilities — from meter and valve design to power, control panels and monitoring systems.

Business items

Integrated Building Systems Monitoring - Building Automation and Control System (BACS)

Kinden specializes in multi-vendor engineering. We construct total systems custom-tailored to client’s building management and operating needs from the standpoints of functional performance, safety, comfort and convenience.

■Building automation systems (BAS)

Power reception and transformer equipment monitoring and control, air conditioning systems monitoring and control, lighting monitoring and control, disaster prevention and security systems monitoring.

Building automation system “INFORINNO BA”

Central Monitoring System with 4K Resolution-Support “Inforinno BA 4K Version”

■Energy Management System (EMS)

Energy Management and Meter Mapping,

Building Energy Management System “INFORINNO EMS”

Instrumentation systems for plants and other facilities

Kinden offers extensive client instrumentation system support — from monitoring and control systems engineering for plants and other facilities to proprietary system development and design.

■Instrumentation systems for plants and other facilities

Process/factory automation systems

Facility monitoring and control systems(FACIAS)

Field instrumentation services

From the design and supply of measurement and analysis equipment to design and implementation of general electrical and instrumentation systems and explosion-proofing systems, Kinden supplies systems of all sizes for a diverse range of applications.

■Measurement and analysis equipment design and supply

■Control systems planning, design, supply and maintenance

■Measurement and control systems design and implementation, including explosion-proof works