We consistently coordinate efforts to develop network systems.

Kinden consistently coordinates efforts to develop network systems ranging from infrastructure within buildings, including offices and public facilities, telecommunications carrier center facilities, mobile telephone base stations and household internet. We accommodate your needs with technologies and know-how accumulated through long experience.



We accommodate your needs in all information and communications fields as a one-stop service provider.

Office Building / Commercial Facility / Factory / Warehouse / Medical Facility / Educational Facility / FTTH / Mobile Communication Base Station / Regional Information Technology

Business items

Campus information communication equipment

Kinden proposes optimal systems to create safe, secure and comfortable environments such as information network systems (LANs) , security systems and network camera systems, all of which help people in a range of sites work more efficiently and safely, including office buildings, factories, medical facilities and educational institutions. The Company covers integrated network solution needs across the board, from design and installation to maintenance.

  • Internet
  • Intranet
  • LAN
  • Telephone
  • Video transmission and display equipment
  • Information processing facility
  • Security system

Wide area information communication equipment

Capitalizing on its sites with close ties to local communities, Kinden develops and improves facilities such as regional information & communication infrastructures, FTTH, cable TV and governmental wireless security systems. The Company can respond to all customers’ work needs; building on an extensive track record of serving communication lines of all kinds, including installing base stations and wireless towers for mobile network operators, indoor and rooftop building antennae.

  • Mobile Communication Base Stations
  • FTTH (Fiber To The Home)
  • Cable Television
  • Regional Information & Communication Infrastructure Development
  • Equipment Installation Work in Central Office
  • TV Radio Receiver Pre-failure Study
  • A government emergency radio system for disaster prevention and relief
  • Maintenance work for base stations (coating operation for telecommunication towers)
  • Service operation business