Renovation of commercial and accommodation facilities and hospitals

We meet a range of customer needs by pursuing functionality and design.
For office buildings we develop system ceilings and free access floors to flexibly meet customer requirements. We also engage in renovation projects for commercial and accommodation facilities and hospitals as well as interior facilities for complex housing and specialty interior facilities, including anechoic chambers and sealed rooms.



Creating a cozy space with functionality and design freedom in mind

Business items

Helping create comfortable working spaces

Kinden brings together a wide range of field-of-specialization technologies — information and communications, electricity, lighting, air conditioning and more — in creating optimum work-conducive environments designed to boost productivity. Two main interior system products are our adjustable system ceilings and free-access floors. All materials, parts and assembly procedures have been completely streamlined. What’s more, our integrated construction management system, which places the same on-site supervisor in charge of electricity, air conditioning and other systems, enables safe, efficient and speedy construction.