Our core business domain

Kinden engages in developing high quality and value-added electrical equipment within the enclosure including building, factories and commercial and public facilities, as well as developing and maintaining electrical infrastructure such as overhead and/or underground transmission lines, distribution lines from and between power station and substation.



Development and maintenance of electrical equipment familiar to us and essential to civic life


High-quality and stable power supply and development of value-added facilities


Supporting local electrical power infrastructures

We engage in developing maintaining overhead and/or underground transmission line, distribution lines on the street, power station and substation.

Business items

For people and the planet

Kinden is actively involved in the development and implementation of new energy technology, including solar power generation technology, and special electrical system technology to help build a richer, brighter future for people everywhere. We’re also undertaking new challenges in launching and developing optimal electrical systems.

  • Solar power generation system
  • Wind farm power generation system
  • Water treatment plant electrical system
  • Incineration plant electrical system
  • Cogeneration system

Infrastructure on user's premises

Kinden provides an integrated service lineup — from planning and design to implementation and management — for power receiving and transforming systems, as well as local power distribution system for a wide range of office buildings, commercial and facilities and production plants.

  • Extra-high voltage power reception and transformer electrical system
  • CVCF & UPS
  • Regular/emergency power generation system
  • Main feeder・Control panel
  • Battery (DC power supply) systems

Residential environmental improvement

Kinden is actively involved in the optimal system assembly of advanced electrical equipment systems designed to ensure the safe, efficient operation of in-house lighting, air-conditioning, elevators and production lines and other load equipment.

  • Lighting and receptacle installation
  • TV, telephone, intercom and public address installation
  • Audio-visual systems

Crime and disaster prevention on user's premises

We build an environment where all people can take part in activities, regardless of whether indoor or outdoor, including disaster and crime prevention facilities, communication facilities and thunder protection facilities; utilizing electric energy and various signal-controlling technologies.

  • Security systems
  • Fire damper and ventilation control system
  • Lightning protection system
  • Automatic fire alarm system

Playing a major role in electrical power construction

Kinden plays a major role in the construction and ongoing maintenance of Power station and substation, as well as the construction of overhead and underground power transmission lines. In these ways and more, we’re working around the clock to guarantee safe, reliable power generation and efficient, economical supply to communities throughout Japan and around the world.

  • Power station and substation
  • Overhead power transmission work
  • Underground power transmission work

Guaranteeing a reliable, high-quality electrical power supply

In the field of power distribution, Kinden’s line of business encompasses work from construction to maintenance for a diverse range of Kansai Electric Power Company power distribution equipment — from home meters power poles and high-voltage distribution lines, one of the infrastructure lifelines people depend on most in maintaining their livelihoods.

  • Overhead distribution line work
  • Underground distribution line work
  • Power distribution automation work
  • Overhead line incoming work
  • Underground line incoming work
  • Watt-hour metering work
  • CCBOX work (common trench for cables)