Research and Development
Kyoto Institute
Creating new value with vision and technology
The Kyoto Institute plays a key role in our ongoing success as an integrated M&E systems engineering leader. It serves as an integral center in our “value creation network” that applies the latest concepts and technologies in developing the foundations for tomorrow’s technological breakthroughs.
Located in the Hi-Touch Research Park in Kansai Science City, one of the most prestigious think tanks in western Japan, the Institute investigates research themes we feel will help develop Kinden’s three core businesses - energy, environment and information & communications.
Our general R&D theme is both very simple and complex. It's called "EARTH".
Kinden R&D focuses on the earth we live on, but it goes deeper than that. The way we spell it is "E" for the Environment, "A" for Amenities (interior environments), "R" for Recycling technology and materials, "T" for Technology and "H" for Human engineering. At the same time, we don't limit our research to these five fields; we also pursue the directions they point in. Those directions include new energy, interior thermal assessment, natural resource recycling, data communications, nursing care and other medical-related fields - in short, some of today's most crucial issues in helping build a healthier, self-sustaining world.
Environment Laboratory
From new energy to physical comfort, the Environment Laboratory helps Kinden meet tomorrow’s needs.
The Environmental Laboratory is an integral part of the Kyoto Institute's extensive R&D program as a testing ground for environment-related technologies. From our natural environment to air conditioning, lighting and other elements of smaller, man-made environments, this is where new concepts are performance-tested and verified.
The Laboratory contains a fresh air chamber and an interior environment measurement chamber. The fresh air chamber features on-demand temperature control from -5°C. to 40°C., and can reproduce sunlight as intense as that found near the equator with artificial sunlight generators. The interior environment measurement chamber is designed to measure temperature, humidity, air currents, degree of purification, sound and other factors and computer-process this data automatically.
What’s more, Kinden supplies experimental laboratories designed and optimized to meet client needs. From initial construction to electrical systems, air conditioning and control, we offer total support based on our extensive capabilities as an integrated M&E systems engineering leader.
Environmental Laboratory Artificial sunlight generator Interior environment measurement chamber
R?.D Topics
Recent years have seen problems like global warming and the depletion of our natural resources become increasingly more critical issues. From our standpoint as a company actively involved in different types of construction, we give top priority to developing and incorporating new work methods designed to lighten the impact on the environment.
In addition to new advances, we use our extensive technical capabilities and experience to minimize construction and running costs. These efforts, in turn, help protect the natural environment we live in. Below, you'll find the list of research themes that form our environmental initiatives program.
Energy and the Environment
   echnologies using solar energy and wind power
   Energy conservation technologies
   Thermal storage-related technologies
   Electromagnetic field environment technologies
   Refuse and waste water treatment
Amenities (indoor environments)
   Indoor environment evaluations
   Air conditioning technologies (auditoriums, offices, residences, etc.)
Recycling-Oriented Techniques and Materials
   Resource recycling and conservation
   Materials performance evaluations
   Industrial waste reduction
   Measures against deterioration due to aging
   Prefabrication and mechanization
   Anti-seismic technologies
   Manpower-saving construction techniques
Technology and Hi-Touch Systems
   Automation technologies (CAD, CAM, computer graphics, etc.)
   Virtual reality
   Communications systems (fiber-optic communication, GIS, network computing, etc.)
   Sensitivity information processing
   Instrumentation technologies
Human Engineering and Safety
   Work environment improvements
   Tool improvements
   Human factors
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