Human Resources Development and Training/R&D
Human Resources Development and Training
Training personnel to meet today's rapidly changing technological and social needs head on
Kinden human resources training reflects the performance record that we have built and the experience and special brand of know-how we have accumulated over the last half-century. First, we train our people to proactively adapt to the broad spectrum of todayfs technological and social changes - not only for corporate growth, but to contribute to society at large through their work at Kinden.

More specifically, the goal of human resources development training here at Kinden is "the integrated development of mind, skills and body". In practice, that means working to develop a strong yet humane character, superior occupational capabilities and a body trained to endure the demands of harsh physical environments. What's more, we're confident that this training regimen is key element in Kinden's distinguished reputation for high, uncompromising standards at home and abroad.

As one test of our technical training, Kinden sends training personnel to the WorldSkills Competition held bi-annually at venues around the world. Our representatives have won numerous awards at WorldSkills as well as other competitive technical events both at home and abroad.
Kinden Technical Training Center Human Resources Development Center Overseas Personnel Development
The Kinden Technical Training Center provides more than just technical /skill training for employees. Based on Kinden's progressive philosophy that "our people are our most important assets", the Center training agenda includes programs aimed at integrating mind, skills and body. The Human Resources Development Center is an important reason behind Kinden's ongoing position as an integrated systems engineering industry leader. Established in 1995 as part of Kinden's 50th Anniversary program, the Center has played a crucial role in turning out highly proficient, well-rounded personnel recruited from central to northern Japan (from the Kanto area to Hokkaido). 130 trainees have completed their vocational training programs at the Kinden Classroom in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam during the last five years. We invite the most outstanding students from each year's graduating class to continue their studies in Japan at the Kinden Technical Training Center's International Division and our Human Resources Development Center.
Research and Development
Our general R&D theme is both very simple and very complicated. It's called
Kinden R&D focuses on the earth we live on, but it goes deeper than that. The way we spell it is "E" for the Environment, "A" for Amenities (interior environments), "R" for Recycling technology and materials, "T" for Technology and "H" for Human engineering - "EARTH". At the same time, we don't limit our research to the general ideas of these five fields; we also pursue the directions they point in. Those directions include new energy, interior thermal assessment, natural resource recycling, data communications, nursing care and other medical-related fields - in short, some of today's most crucial areas in helping build a healthier, self-sustainable world.
Kyoto Institute R&D Topics Environment Laboratory
The Kyoto Institute is an integral center in our "value creation network" that applies the latest concepts and technologies in developing the foundations for tomorrow's technological breakthroughs. This laboratory is used to create environmental conditions that let R&D specialists investigate cutting-edge developments in new energy, physical comfort and other crucial life science fields.
Kinden's R&D Division focuses on themes we see as integral to maintaining leadership status in our core businesses - communications, energy and the environment.
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